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Welcome to the latest version of the site, with tons of new features for you!

Why stay with us? there are some reasons...

Keep track of what you have and what you want

Here, you can easily check what amiibo you have or want. Just enter an amiibo description and click one of the buttons, yes, that easy!

Repeated stuff? No problem! Trade it!

Just mark an amiibo as tradeable to show everyone you have one -or more- spare, show some contact information and let the offers come through!

Collect from ANYWHERE

Lots of stuff to mark as collected or wanted? No problem! You can check your owned amiibo from everywhere on the site, detail, lists or even other users collections.

Don't lose sight with color coding

When logged in, you will see what amiibo you have, want or want to trade. Even when on lists or looking another person's amiibo list.

Public profiles

You will get a unique URL where you have all you collected, wanted and traded amiibo. For free! This way you will never forget what you have available.

Always at the best price

We know sometimes the most wanted amiibo is difficult to find, so we keep track of online shops for you to get the best prices. And we will be adding more and more!


Because not everyone can do math to convert from currencies on the fly, you can select your desired currency to get an approximate conversion in real time. Easy!

Even from mobile phones

The site is viewable from mobile phones too! This way you will know what amiibo are you mising... from anywhere!

And the most important reason of all?

We are collectors too! We like amiibo and we do this for fun on our spare time.

We'd like to continue with this journey, and you to be helping us.

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And remember that we all make this better. You want your favourite shop added? We're missing some HUGE feature you'd like to see? Just want to get in touch? Feel free! You have our contact details at the bottom.

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